Best Youtuber who talks and shops at IKEA


Who is the best Youtuber out there talking about a specific topic, IKEA in this case, is quite subjective. But a very good candidate is Kristen McGowan from Canada. She has had her Youtube channel for 5 years and I have followed it for quite some time, it is informative and interesting when she makes her visits to IKEA, she also makes very interesting DIY videos about, among other things, IKEA furniture. She also has an interesting Instagram account for those who like to follow on Instagram.

This is how she describes herself on Youtube, "Kristen McGowan is an ambitious, positive, and creative young woman! She graduated with her Bachelors of Interior Design, and is ready to share all of her Interior design, home decor, DIY, and lifestyle tips & tricks with the world!"

You will find videos within home makeover, IKEA visits, DIY tips and descriptions. Top 10 luxury products from IKEA for example, just click in and watch some videos and see if it's for you.

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