Small IKEA Bodbyn Gray Kitchen


"BODBYN soft gray, with its elegant and traditional character, brings a touch of sophisticated color and smart design to your kitchen." NCS color code for IKEA Bodbyn gray is, S 5000-N Gloss 35.

Here you will find all the IKEA kitchens we have filmed.

IKEA Bodbyn gray kitchen with Säljan countertop, Black mineral effect. This kitchen is equipped with Bredsjön sink and Insjön kitchen faucet. On kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers, Skärhamn handles and knobs have been used. 

This is one of the smaller Bodbyn kitchens I have filmed, so you can see that it works even for small areas to have a kitchen on. I have filmed kitchen doors, cabinets, sinks and more here so you should get a good picture of what the kitchen looks like in reality. Click on the pictures and zoom in for best results.

This Bodbyn kitchen is filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design at IKEA, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Here you can see all kitchen doors and cabinets from IKEA. Easier to see color differences when you have several different ones to compare with.

5 homes with IKEA Bodbyn gray kitchen

"A versatile medium gray softened with attractive blue-green undertones." Benjamin Moore has a great feature on his website where you can see how color is perceived in the morning, afternoon, ambient and night.