5 Bedroom Design Ideas


Here we will look at 5 different bedroom design ideas. All of these bedrooms are with double beds and some with King size bed. You will see wardrobes with glass doors and without. The bedrooms have different wall colors, you get to see gray and pink painted walls as well as mustard colored walls. I have pictures and also videos of each bedroom, so you can choose to watch videos on Pinterest or pictures.

This beautiful bedroom in mustard-colored wall color with fantastic decoration comes with bedroom furniture from HOM'IN. Here we get to see a King Size bed in color that matches wardrobe and dresser.

If you need a large storage space, well then this wardrobe is perfect for you, you do not even have to paint the wall behind because the wardrobe covers the entire wall. There are cabinets above the king size bed frame as well.

If you like pink painted walls in the bedroom, well then this is fine. With bedroom furniture in white rustic style, the pink walls fit in. The bedroom furniture is made from HOM'IN. The modern lamp is a matter of taste whether it fits in or not, at least it stands out.

This bedroom comes with a large double bed and wardrobe with mirrored door. The wall is painted in dark gray, which should create a calm and harmonious atmosphere when it's bedtime. The shelf on the wall works well for storage but is also a nice decorative detail for the bedroom. Carry Home is the manufacturer of the bedroom furniture.

If you like floral wall decor, then this is something for you, it fits in well with the furniture in general. The wardrobe with mirror door and bed furniture in wood material fits in well with flowers on the walls. This bed was also equipped with a bench with storage space, practical and functional for those who have room with it. Carry Home is the manufacturer of the bedroom furniture.

These bedrooms were filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design at Aiko XXXL in Sofia, Bulgaria. Aiko XXXL is part of the XXXLutz group.

"Breakfast Room Green is the most cheerful of all our greens, remaining lively in both bright sunlight or softer candlelight. Named after the usually east facing rooms designed for eating the first meal of the day, it is particularly beautiful in the dawn light."

"This strong architectural grey is named after the lead often used by fishermen to weight their lines. Plummett intensifies in colour in smaller spaces and has a strikingly modern feel which is conducive to minimal living."

"This mid-century modern green is a darker version of the much loved archive colour, Olive. Perfect for those who want to embrace stronger colour in the home, its sober tone creates rooms that feel calm and serene - especially when combined with soft pinks and browns." Bancha has good reviews, 84% recommend this color on Farrow & Ball's website.