Äpplaryd sofa IKEA

Åpplaryd Lejde Gray Black sofa 3 seater
Åpplaryd Lejde Gray Black sofa 3 seater

"ÄPPLARYD sofa will be your home's comfy oasis. An eye-catcher that reflects your personality and style."

Äpplaryd from IKEA is new in the range. The sofa is available in different sizes, up to 4 seats with chaise. Äpplaryd is available in the colors, Djuparp Dark blue, Djuparp Red Brown, Lejde Gray black and Lejde Light gray. The Äpplaryd sofa that we have filmed is a 3-seater sofa in the color Lejde Gray black. 

This Äpplaryd sofa is filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design in Warsaw Poland

"A versatile medium gray softened with attractive blue-green undertones." Benjamin Moore has a great feature on his website where you can see how color is perceived in the morning, afternoon, ambient and night.

The main picture above is of an Bodbyn kitchen from IKEA in dark green. The color is close to Benjamin Moore Essex Green HC-188, the difference that you will see in the pictures below is the gloss of the color. IKEA Bodbyn has a gloss of 25. I add a link if you like this kitchen, have filmed several Bodbyn kitchens in this color....

"The BODARP matte gray-green kitchen series is produced in factories using renewable electricity and featuring a foil made of recycled PET bottles. BODARP series in matte gray-green creates an open and welcoming kitchen with a modern twist."

"Reading as a cool blue, Parma Gray is another colour attributed to the great colourist John Fowler. Used as the backdrop to numerous costume dramas, it creates the perfect period feel when contrasted with Wimborne White."