Bedside tables from JYSK


"Whether you use it as a lamp stand, reading glasses rest or book repository, a bedside table is a must-have! Pick from a fantastic range of Scandinavian bedside cabinets in white, black, oak, metal, high gloss, bamboo, and much more to add to your bedroom interior design."

JYSK has a large selection of bedside tables in the price range that suits most people. If you want a more rustic bedside table, choose Markskel or Nordby, if you want a slightly more modern look, choose Tapdrup or Lillefjorden. Maybe you like the retro style and then the Hokksund bedside table fits.

Here I have taken pictures of all bedside tables from JYSK that I have found. The selection differs between countries and stores, I write the names of all bedside tables so you can easily find them on JYSK's website.

These bedside tables from JYSK are filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design at JYSK, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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