Make a bold statement with a black bathroom sink


A black bathroom sink is a popular choice for many people because it adds a sleek and modern aesthetic to the bathroom. Black is a neutral color that can easily match with other bathroom fixtures and decor, and it can create a cohesive and polished look in the bathroom. Additionally, black is a versatile color that can work well in both traditional and contemporary bathroom designs.

Different styles of black sinks

Washbasins or sinks, as many say, should be practical and fit in with the style of the rest of the bathroom. Here we have pictures of small round sinks in different materials, also full-covering washbasins. The most common material for sinks is ceramic, but here we have pictures of marble, among other things.

Natural oak vanity and black bathroom sinks

I have filmed several bathrooms with oak vanity and black bathroom sink, it harmonizes very well as you can see in the pictures and video below. You also get to see some bonus material from the shower area, which also goes in black.

What color can you have on the bathroom taps when you have a black sink

As you can see from the pictures I have taken, all the colors fit. Black bath taps work great with a black sink, so do chrome-coloured, steel, gold-coloured. It's about your own preferences of what you think looks good, there are lots of different materials and colors and shapes to choose from.

Here I have collected extra material of the bathrooms I filmed with black bathroom sinks. All pictured bathrooms are from Norway, well-known producers and companies. Click on the images and zoom in for best results. Finally, black is a timeless and classic color that never goes out of style. Choosing a black bathroom sink means that you can enjoy its sleek and sophisticated look for years to come.

Pinterest bathroom ideas

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IKEA STENSUND is a line of kitchen cabinets and fronts that is characterized by its sleek and modern design. These cabinets are made of high-quality materials and are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here we have taken lots of pictures to inspire you of this nice kitchen in a warm light green color.

IKEA Bodbyn green kitchen has the color code NCS S 8010-G10Y Gloss 25. This kitchen is equipped with a kitchen island, a separate part of storage cabinets, so this kitchen requires its space. This kitchen is equipped with Eneryda handles and knobs. On the kitchen island it is Ekbacken countertop and on the kitchen part it is Säljan countertops that...