Blue Rustic Kitchen


Blue rustic Toscana kitchen in vintage country style uses typical design elements to create a cozy atmosphere in the home. This kitchen is really not something you see every day, so it must be special. I filmed and took lots of pictures of this blue rustic kitchen in Bulgaria, the company is called Aiko. 

Producer Landscape kitchen from Germany. Silestone collection countertop. Electrolux induction cooktops. Eurolux hood. Franke kitchen sink.

I have lots of pictures of this kitchen, you see kitchen drawers, kitchen cabinets and decorative details regarding the kitchen. According to the seller, this kitchen will be sold in 11 different colors.

Blue kitchen cabinets fit perfectly with white countertop and white extractor hood as you can see in the pictures below. Even if you may not be interested in this particular kitchen and blue color, it gives inspiration which colors fit together, as well as kitchen solutions for cabinets and drawers. Click on the pictures and zoom in for the best experience.

This Toscana blue rustic kitchen is filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design at Aiko XXXL, Burgas, Bulgaria.

"A versatile medium gray softened with attractive blue-green undertones." Benjamin Moore has a great feature on his website where you can see how color is perceived in the morning, afternoon, ambient and night.