Bolia Balloon Lamp


For those who want a pendant lamp that stands out, well then Balloon lamp from Bolia is something for you. This is not a discreet lamp, it is the lamp that sets the style of the room.

The balloon pendant lamp is available in two versions, Gray fabric which is the lighter of them and then Ivory fabric which is darker in color, easy to see the difference in the pictures I have taken below. The lamp is also available in two different sizes, some may want a little more oblong and some want a little rounder. You could say that the oblong has a Moomin body, it will not be more Nordic design than that.

Balloon Lamp Bolia by Mauritz Interior & Design

"GLITTRAN traditional tap helps lower water- and energy-use - so you can lower your bills too." With today's high energy prices, energy-efficient kitchen faucets are perfect.

IKEA has a large selection of vanities, they come in different sizes and colors and styles, so you should find your favourite.

Here we will look at black bathroom sinks that we have filmed. Black bathroom fittings in general are not the most common, if you visit IKEA you will not find any black bathroom sinks today, for example.

Sofa Desire 3-Seater Silver Grey and Wire coffee table and side board in silver from KARE Design. "Do it salon style! My Desire turns the living room into a salon. Based on the formal idiom of the legendary Chesterfield sofa with its typical details such as the armrests and backrest at the same height as well as the...

This Rast dresser from IKEA is made of solid pine, if you like natural colors then this is something for you. This dresser is suitable for you who have planned to paint and create your own style of furniture. Further down I post Instagrammers who have repainted chest of drawer, you can make them look absolutely fantastic with a little...