Bolia lamp - Piper series


Bolia Piper series is available as wall lamps, floor lamps, pendants and table lamps. Piper lamp is available with three different surfaces: Matt black painted or Brass-colored steel or Matt gray powder coated iron. You can change the appearance of the lamp you choose with different Led bulb.

Here you will find all variants of the Piper series. It seems as if the Piper Lounge Pendant 5-arms are used at Bolia stores over the dining room table and 3-arms in the living room environment, but you decide for yourself how you want it in your home. Click on the pictures and zoom in for best results.

Bolia lamp - Piper series by Mauritz Interior & Design

"It creates a really cosy and surprisingly un-yellow space when contrasted with a dark tone like Tanner's Brown. It should, however, be used in moderation in small rooms where its moody intensity may be a little overwhelming."

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