Coastal Decor 101: Create Your Own Beach Retreat


Are you looking to give your home a beachy feel? Coastal decor is a popular style that can bring a calming, relaxed vibe to any space. Whether you live near the coast or just love the look, creating coastal-inspired furniture is a great way to infuse your home with a touch of seaside charm. Here are some tips for making chic coastal furniture and creating a cohesive coastal look in your home.

Defining Coastal Decor 

Coastal decor is all about bringing the beach indoors. It's a relaxed, casual style that emphasizes natural materials, light colors, and ocean-inspired accents. Think sandy hues, beachy prints, and driftwood textures. Coastal decor is also known for its use of shells, starfish, and other sea life decor.

Coastal Furniture Colors 

When it comes to coastal furniture, color is key. The main colors associated with coastal decor are white, cream, and beige. Soft blues and greens are also popular choices. When choosing fabrics for your furniture, consider light and breezy options like linen, cotton, and rattan.

Coastal vs Boho Decor 

While there are some similarities between coastal and boho decor, they are not the same thing. Coastal decor is more focused on the beachy elements like sand and sea, while boho decor has more of a free-spirited, eclectic feel. Boho decor often incorporates bold colors and patterns, while coastal decor tends to be more subdued.

Coastal vs Nautical Style 

Coastal decor is often confused with nautical style, but they are two distinct decor styles. Nautical decor is more focused on navy blue and white stripes, anchors, and other sailing motifs. Coastal decor, on the other hand, is inspired by the natural beauty of the beach and ocean.

How to Make a Coastal Look 

To create a coastal look in your home, start with a neutral color palette. Whites, creams, and beiges are great options. Add in soft blues and greens for a touch of color. Incorporate natural materials like rattan, bamboo, and driftwood. Don't forget to add in beachy decor like seashells, starfish, and coral.

Adding Coastal Elegance to Your Decor 

If you're looking for a more elegant take on coastal decor, consider adding in some metallic accents. Gold and silver can add a touch of glamour to your beachy look. Incorporate plush fabrics like velvet and silk to add texture to your space. And don't forget to add in some statement pieces, like a chandelier or a large piece of artwork.

In conclusion, creating coastal furniture is a great way to bring the beach indoors. By following these tips, you can infuse your home with a relaxed, seaside vibe. Remember to keep your color palette neutral, incorporate natural materials, and add in beachy decor for a cohesive coastal look. With a little bit of effort, you can create a chic and inviting space that feels like a day at the beach.

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