Create a modern kitchen with IKEA's ENHET cabinets in concrete effect


Are you looking for a modern and inviting kitchen that exudes an industrial feel? Look no further than IKEA's ENHET kitchen cabinets in concrete effect. This kitchen cabinet set is perfect for those who want to create a sleek and contemporary look in their home.

The concrete effect pattern gives a subtle nod to the industrial design trend while still feeling warm and inviting. The foil material is durable and easy to care for, so you can be sure your kitchen will look great for years to come.

This set includes cabinets with various features, such as a space for an integrated dishwasher, drawers that pull out almost all the way for easy access, and wall cabinets with doors that are perfect for storing glassware and tableware.

But the best part? You can easily customize this kitchen to suit your personal style. Swap out the color of the open frames and the worktop and fronts to create a modern, classic, minimalist, or colorful solution that perfectly reflects your taste.

And don't forget about the little details. Add organizers like cutlery trays, utensil trays, and plate holders to make efficient use of space inside cabinets and drawers. The unique wedge dowels make assembly easy, and the fittings are nearly invisible, giving your kitchen a clean and seamless appearance.

To complete the look, consider adding LYSEKIL wall panels and an EKBACKEN countertop. And why not add some personality to your kitchen by painting the walls in a color like NCS S 4010 Y90R?

Overall, the ENHET kitchen cabinets in concrete effect offer a modern and functional solution for anyone looking to create an industrial-inspired kitchen that is warm, inviting, and easy to care for. So why wait? Transform your kitchen with IKEA's ENHET kitchen cabinets today!

This article is written by Mauritz, photos are taken by Mauritz at IKEA, Sofia, Bulgaria

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