IKEA Faktum kitchen cabinets NCS color codes

The picture is illustrative, this is Metod from IKEA
The picture is illustrative, this is Metod from IKEA

In 2013, the Faktum kitchen system was discontinued at IKEA, this system was replaced by Metod, which is still available today at IKEA. Here I will post all the NCS color codes on Faktum kitchen doors.

Color codes on FAKTUM kitchen doors.

The code is only indicative, and the closest you can get to our colors compared to the NCS system. Different color manufacturers/mixtures can give different results. Always take the front to a paint store to have the color measured.

  • ABSTRAKT Black S 9000-N Gloss 88
  • ABSTRAKT Red S 3060-R Gloss 88
  • ABSTRAKT White S 0500-N Gloss 88
  • ABSTRAKT Gray S 7500-N Gloss 88
  • ABSTRAKT Off-white S 0804-Y50R Gloss 88
  • RUBRIK/ABSTRAKT Green S 3060-G70Y Gloss 88
  • SOFIELUND S 5005-Y50R Gloss 3
  • ÅRSTA S 0300-N Gloss 5
  • APPLÅD Orange S 2070-Y70R Gloss 30
  • APPLÅD Black S 9000-N Gloss 30
  • APPLÅD Beige S 3010-Y20R Gloss 35
  • APPLÅD Light S 0907-R10B Gloss 30
  • APPLÅD New white 0500-N Gloss 40
  • APPLÅD White S 0502-Y05R Gloss 55
  • APPLÅD Blue/green S 2010-B Gloss 25
  • APPLÅD yellow S 0570-Y Gloss 30
  • ASKERUM ash S 2010-Y10R Gloss 10
  • ASKOME S 0510-Y20R Gloss 10
  • AVSIKT Aluminium/Glass
  • BÄCKEBO Beech Gloss 5
  • Duverum S 2005-Y10R Gloss 25
  • DUVBO S 2005-Y30R Gloss 25
  • FAGERUM S 3020-Y20R Gloss 10
  • HALLARUM S 3050-Y50R Gloss 10
  • KALSEBO S 4050-R80B Gloss 88
  • LINJÄR S 0502-Y05R Gloss 55
  • LIDINGÖ White S 0502-Y05R Gloss 35
  • LIDINGÖ Gray S 5000-N Gloss 15
  • LILJESTAD S 8010-Y50R1 Gloss 15
  • HÄRLIG S 0500-N Gloss 10
  • NEXUS NN Birch S 1515-Y30R Gloss 10
  • NEXUS Birch S 1010-Y60R Gloss 25
  • NEXUS Black-brown S 8505-Y20R Gloss 15
  • NEXUS Yellow S 4040-Y30R Gloss 10
  • NEXUS Brown S 7010-Y50R Gloss 10
  • RAMSJÖ Black S 8505-B80G Gloss 10
  • RAMSJÖ White S 1002-Y50R Gloss 10
  • RUBRIK Black S 9000-N Gloss 95
  • RUBRIK Green S 7020-G30Y Gloss 95
  • RUBRIK Blue-grey S 8005-R80B Gloss 95
  • RUBRIK Turquoise S 4020-B30G Gloss 95
  • RUBRIK White S 1000-N Gloss 95
  • SOLÄR White S 0300-N Gloss 15
  • SOLÄR Beech Gloss 10
  • STÅT White S 0502-Y05R Gloss 55
  • STÅT Yellow S 0510-Y10R Gloss 25
  • SÖRBO Gray S 7500-N Gloss 14
  • IDAHOLM S 4020-Y40R Gloss 10
  • ULRIKSDAL S 4020-Y40R Gloss 10
  • ÄDEL White S 0505-Y10R Gloss 10
  • ÄDEL Brown S 5040-Y50R Gloss 10
  • ÄDEL Nature S 1515-Y30R Gloss 10

Here you will find NCS color codes for METOD kitchen cabinets.

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