IKEA KALLARP High-gloss light grey-blue kitchen


KALLARP offers high-gloss kitchen fronts with sleek, straight lines that bring a colourful, modern look to your kitchen. Choose cover panels the same colour as the doors for that coordinated look or mix and match.

KALLARP Light grey-blue cabinets with SÄLJAN countertop

This KALLARP kitchen with its "special" color light grey-blue, which can be considered a bit cold, is equipped with SÄLJAN countertop and LYSEKIL wall panel.

Kitchen appliances 

This KALLARP kitchen is equipped with MATÄLSKARE oven, VÄLBILDAD induction hob and UTDRAG integrated ventilator. LAGAN integrated dishwasher. RÅKALL fridge and freezer. HILLESJÖN sink. BAGGANÄS kitchen handle which fits in well with these kitchen doors.

This KALLARP kitchen is filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design at IKEA, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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IKEA has a large selection of vanities, they come in different sizes and colors and styles, so you should find your favourite.