KALLARP High-gloss light grey-blue kitchen from IKEA


Here we will look at a KALLARP high-gloss light grey-blue kitchen cabinet from IKEA. "KALLARP offers high-gloss kitchen fronts with sleek, straight lines that bring a colourful, modern look to your kitchen."

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Appliances and equipment for this KALLARP kitchen

This KALLARP kitchen is equipped with BILLSBRO handles, which go perfectly with the grey-blue color of the kitchen doors. SÄLJAN is the benchtop in this kitchen, black marble-like, it also fits well with the kitchen in high gloss. MATÄLSKARE ovens and FÖRDELAKTIG induction hob are used. This is something that you choose for your kitchen, this is just an example of how a KALLARP kitchen can be equipped. You have lots of pictures to see below, also videos. Click on the images and zoom in for good results.

KALLARP high-gloss light grey-blue kitchen by Mauritz Interior & Design

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