Living room furniture - VISKAFORS sofa from IKEA


If you want an elegant sofa in a classic design, the VISKAFORS sofa is for you. IKEA always comes up with exciting news and this sofa from them is no exception.

"VISKAFORS is a sofa that becomes a statement piece in the room. The classic design has generous, inviting shapes - and when you sink into the deep soft seat, the sofa gives you an embracing feel."

VISKAFORS Lejde Grey-green
VISKAFORS Lejde Grey-green


The VISKAFORS series consists of several sizes of the sofa and armchair, there are several colors to choose from. The colors that I have filmed here are Lejde grey-green and Lejde Anthracite, there is also a beige color that I have not filmed yet, Lejde Light-beige and a brown color, Högalid brown/birch.

Video of VISKAFORS sofa

Below you will find a video on Pinterest of the VISKAFORS sofa from IKEA. With video, you get a different picture of how it is perceived in reality compared to images alone. As usual, the light has a big impact on how the colors are perceived.

VISKAFORS Lejde Anthracite
VISKAFORS Lejde Anthracite

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