MODERANO Kitchen with Faber wall hood


A beautiful, impressive and spacious L-shaped kitchen in gold and white high-gloss cabinets, for individualists with a bright character and an affinity for the modern dynamic lifestyle. The colors are skillfully combined with the work area in the kitchen, and the beautiful printed glass is an effective and stylish accent.

This MODERANO kitchen that we have filmed has a kitchen island with very modern kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers in wave motion shapes. The kitchen stands out with its metallic look, Moderano Gold metallic kitchen design. Faber VEIL EV8 + CONCRETE A90 Wall hood. Gorenje Induction.

"MODERANO kitchens combine high-quality workmanship and a trendy look. The MODERANO kitchens are just right for anyone who wants to create an exclusive cooking environment within their own four walls. With us you get the long-lasting kitchens in numerous variants."

I have taken many pictures of this kitchen, it is a beautiful kitchen with its relatively small kitchen island, but it works. If you like kitchens with high-gloss cabinet doors, then this kitchen is right for you. I have taken pictures of all the storage spaces in the kitchen so you get an idea of what the kitchen is like in reality. You can find more videos on my Pinterest channel. Click on the pictures and zoom in for best results.

All photos and videos of this kitchen are filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design at Aiko XXXL, Burgas, Bulgaria.

"Breakfast Room Green is the most cheerful of all our greens, remaining lively in both bright sunlight or softer candlelight. Named after the usually east facing rooms designed for eating the first meal of the day, it is particularly beautiful in the dawn light."

"This strong architectural grey is named after the lead often used by fishermen to weight their lines. Plummett intensifies in colour in smaller spaces and has a strikingly modern feel which is conducive to minimal living."

"This mid-century modern green is a darker version of the much loved archive colour, Olive. Perfect for those who want to embrace stronger colour in the home, its sober tone creates rooms that feel calm and serene - especially when combined with soft pinks and browns." Bancha has good reviews, 84% recommend this color on Farrow & Ball's website.