Nolte Express Kitchen in Martian Red High Gloss: A Statement Piece for Your Cooking Space


"Experience a L-shaped kitchen that's compact, functional and practical in a stylish retro way. Ideal for small spaces and apartments."

Make a statement in your cooking space with the Nolte Express Kitchen in Martian Red High Gloss. The bold, high gloss finish of this kitchen adds a modern and contemporary touch to any home. The Martian red color is an unique and fresh alternative to the traditional kitchen colors. The high gloss finish is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for any busy kitchen. The Nolte Express Kitchen provides ample storage space and counter space, keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

Franke inset sink Maris MRG 612-E Fragranite
Franke inset sink Maris MRG 612-E Fragranite

This Nolte kitchen is equipped with Franke sink and kitchen faucet. Sink is corner-adapted so it fits perfectly with the countertop, functionally and aesthetically. Appliances used in this kitchen are from the brand Constructa. I can write under all the pictures exactly which appliances were used.

Appliances used in this kitchen are, Oven Constructa ch3m00050. Induction hob Constructa ca321255. Fan Constructa cd30676 and refrigerator and freezer Constructa ck65743. Franke inset sink Maris MRG 612-E Fragranite.

Nolte Express kitchen - High Gloss Martian red by Mauritz Interior & Design

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