OLSERÖD Side Table from IKEA


If you're looking for a versatile and functional piece of furniture for your living room, the OLSERÖD Side Table from IKEA might just be what you need. This side table is designed to cater to various activities that take place around the sofa, such as eating or working.

The OLSERÖD Side Table comes in two colors, anthracite/birch effect dark and anthracite/dark gray, both of which have a sleek and industrial design that can blend well with most interior decor styles. But what makes this side table unique is its ability to transform from a slightly higher side table into a lower coffee table, making it two tables in one.

The smart design of the table allows you to slide the table top over your lap, making it stable to eat on while watching TV without the risk of spills. The underframe doesn't get in the way of your legs, providing you with a comfortable dining experience. When it's time to entertain guests, you can quickly transform the side table into a stylish coffee table by removing the table top from the underframe, turning the underframe on its side, and then fixing the table top in place again by using the fasteners under the table top.

Another practical feature of the OLSERÖD Side Table is the fabric pouch under the table top. This pouch provides a smart storage space for small items you want to keep close at hand, such as remote controls, magazines, or snacks. The pouch is fixed to the underframe with touch-and-close fastening, making it easy to remove and wash. You can even adjust the pouch's tightness using the screws, allowing you to pivot the pouch to suit your desired function.

The OLSERÖD Side Table is easy to maintain, with a table top that is simple to wipe clean after use. Its clean shape, industrial expression, and toned-down colors make it a nice design element in any home, not just the living room. You can also easily lift and move the table around to use it in different rooms and contexts, such as by the armchair in the reading corner.

In conclusion, the OLSERÖD Side Table from IKEA is a multifunctional and stylish piece of furniture that can cater to various activities and functions in your home. Its smart design and practical features make it a great addition to any living room or other areas in your home. So if you're looking for a versatile and functional side table that doesn't compromise on style, the OLSERÖD Side Table from IKEA might be the perfect choice for you.

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Text and Photo: Mauritz