From Soft and Calming to Bold and Bright: Pink Bedroom Wall Ideas for All

Jotun Blushing Peach
Jotun Blushing Peach

Pink bedroom walls used to be associated with little girls' rooms. But that is not the case nowadays when there is a wide range of different shades of pink. As we will see in this article where we post pictures and videos of the color pink in different shades, suitable for both adults and children.

Pink Bedroom wall - Jotun 20047 Blushing Peach by Mauritz Interior & Design

The first video above, filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design at IKEA, has the color Blushing Peach from Jotun on the wall. Blushing Peach 20047 is a fresh, golden pink color. This color is both slightly darker and more golden than the pink 2782 Deco Pink you see in the second video in this article further down. The Blushing Peach shade of pink feels more mature than Deco Pink so it suits an adult's bedroom better. 

Deco Pink and Natural Clay from Jotun
Deco Pink and Natural Clay from Jotun

Natural Clay which is together with Deco Pink is a burnt orange colour. This is a muted, yet cheerful orange color that is a good color tone in zones in the home. So even if you choose a light pink shade for the bedroom, you can break it up with a darker painted contrasting wall so that the bedroom feels adapted to an adult.

Pink Bedroom wall - Jotun 2782 Deco Pink by Mauritz Interior & Design

Pink is a very soft and sweet color that fits perfectly in the bedroom. If you choose to paint your bedroom in a soft shade of pink, you can be sure to have a romantic and calming bedroom. Here it is recommended to invest in colors that also contain gray pigments. Otherwise, the risk is high that your bedroom will resemble a children's room, something you probably want to avoid. 

If you don't want to go all the way and find a color that is more powder pink, then the best thing is to find a mixture that is a little beige and pink in one and the same color tone, then you will create a harmonious bedroom. The bedroom above that we have filmed at XXXLutz has a lot of decorative details built in, it breaks up and harmonizes with the color very well. The video below shows a bit better.

Design by Mauritz Interior & Design

This light pink bedroom is furnished and decorated for an adult, see in the video how the pink color creates harmony despite its slightly lighter shades. The color shades are more towards beige than pink, which is clearly evident in the video. The color used on this wall is Farrow & Ball Pink Ground No.202. You can see more of that color here.

Pink bedroom walls by Mauritz Interior & Design

In conclusion, we will look at two different bedrooms with walls painted in pink, one room is furnished for a young person and the other for a more mature person. After seeing all the bedrooms with walls painted in pink, we can probably agree, pink bedrooms suit all ages!

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