Ripple mirror from Bolia


"Ripple is a series of beautiful mirrors with an architectural gaze. Each mirror is inspired by the semi-circular arched windows that suited the Romanesque era. A subtle imitation with an elegant modern touch."

Below you will find both photos and several videos taken by Mauritz Interior & Design. As a bonus, you get to see both dining room tables and sofas from Bolia. If you love Scandinavian design, this is a must.

Ripple Mirror Bolia by Mauritz Interior & Design

Bolia's business idea is to recreate Scandinavian design with luxurious furniture and decorations. When it comes to mirrors, it is no exception, natural color, practical and elegant is what I think of the Ripple mirror from Bolia.

Bolia Ripple mirror by Mauritz Interior & Design
Ripple Mirror Bolia by Mauritz Interior & Design

Bolia is in the higher price range regarding their furniture, but you can find good prices, they often have offers in stores but they also have an outlet store on the website where you can buy store-displayed goods, slightly damaged goods, returned goods and more, really good prices there, so do not forget to check out Bolia Outlet.

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