Shaker Cabinets: Design Tips for a Modern Kitchen


When it comes to renovating or upgrading a kitchen, one of the most important decisions homeowners have to make is what type of cabinets to choose. Cabinets are not only functional storage solutions, but also significant design elements that can set the tone and style of the entire space. Among the many options available in the market, shaker kitchen cabinets have become a popular choice for their timeless and versatile design.

What are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Shaker kitchen cabinets are named after the Shaker community, a religious sect that lived in the Northeastern United States in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Shakers were known for their simple and functional approach to design, which is reflected in their furniture and architecture. Shaker kitchen cabinets are characterized by their flat-panel doors, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation. The doors are usually made of solid wood, with a square or rectangular frame and a center panel that is either flat or raised.

Why are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Popular?

Shaker kitchen cabinets have endured for centuries, and continue to be popular today for several reasons. First, their classic and understated style can blend seamlessly with a wide range of kitchen designs, from traditional to contemporary. Second, the simplicity of shaker cabinets allows them to showcase the natural beauty and texture of wood, which is a desirable feature for many homeowners. Third, shaker cabinets are often associated with quality craftsmanship and durability, which is important for a long-term investment like kitchen cabinets.

Design Tips and Considerations for Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

When using shaker kitchen cabinets in a renovation project, there are a few design tips and considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the right wood and finish: Shaker cabinets are typically made of hardwoods such as maple, cherry, or oak, which can vary in color and grain pattern. Consider the overall look and feel of your kitchen, as well as your personal preference, when selecting the wood species and finish. For example, cherry cabinets with a dark stain can create a warm and elegant ambiance, while maple cabinets with a natural finish can give a light and airy feel.

  2. Play with color and contrast: Shaker cabinets can be painted in various colors, or combined with other materials such as glass or metal for added visual interest. Consider using a contrasting color for the cabinet doors and the frames, or adding a colorful backsplash or countertop to create a focal point.

  3. Mix and match styles: While shaker cabinets are versatile on their own, they can also be paired with other design elements to create a unique look. For example, combining shaker cabinets with open shelves, glass doors, or decorative molding can add dimension and texture to the kitchen.

  4. Consider hardware and accessories: The hardware and accessories can make a significant difference in the look and functionality of shaker cabinets. Choose knobs, pulls, and hinges that complement the style and finish of the cabinets, and consider adding accessories such as roll-out trays, lazy susans, or pull-out trash cans for optimal storage and organization.

In conclusion, shaker kitchen cabinets are a classic and popular choice for homeowners looking to renovate or upgrade their kitchens. With their simple and versatile design, shaker cabinets can suit a wide range of styles and preferences. When using shaker cabinets in a kitchen renovation project, consider the wood species and finish, play with color and contrast, mix and match styles, and choose hardware and accessories that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the cabinets.

Text and Photo: Mauritz

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