Innovative Design and Audio: Symfonisk Series from IKEA


The collaboration with home electronics company Sonos is the first time IKEA has brought another brand into its range. This collaboration started in 2019 and has generated many speakers in series Symfonisk that you can see in every IKEA store or on their website.

We are moving more and more towards smart homes, IKEA has its own department for smart homes, the Symfonisk series is part of smart homes. Symfonisk started with a lamp and a bookshelf with a built-in Wifi speaker, now there is also a picture frame with speaker as you can see in the pictures and video below.

The picture frame speakers have different panels to choose from, maybe the Mona Lisa suits you, or why not a picture of a classic gramophone player. In the future there will be many different motifs to choose from and the price is, as you can see on IKEA's website, very cheap, a simple and cheap way to restyle your home, smart home with design possibilities is what Symfonisk gives you.

Here we will look at the IKEA range of Symfonisk from Sono. As usual, IKEA has created products that you decide how they should look, there are different lampshades, in glass, textile or bamboo shade. Black or white lamp and the same applies to their bookshelf speakers.

Symfonisk IKEA by Mauritz Interior & Design

How to install Symfonisk from Sonos

IKEA has collected videos of how to install your Symfonisk products. You will also find the FAQ there, then you will get answers to the most common problems people have.

Sonos has a simple guide on its website on how to install your Symfonisk products.

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