TOLKNING serie from IKEA


IKEA has launched the series TOLKNING. The series is in handmade rattan, which gives the furniture a natural and unique look. The series consists of bench with storage, laundry baskets, nightstand, room divider, headboard for bed and many different baskets. Here I will post pictures and videos of what I found at various IKEA stores.

TOLKNING Bench with storage

The TOLKNING bench is 120 cm wide and 45 cm high and 37 cm deep and weighs 11 kilos. The bench fits around the dinner table like the pictures of this kitchen, also fits well in the hall where you can store clothes in it. This piece of furniture can come into its own in many different rooms in the home, why not in the bedroom, perfect seating and storage in front of the bed.

TOLKNING Nightstand

Nightstand from the TOLKNING series also fits in the living room as you can see here, only your imagination and your needs decide in which room you place your furniture. Nightstand weighs very little so you can move it around as needed.

TOLKNING Laundry baskets

There are 2 different laundry baskets in the TOLKNING series. A small practical laundry basket that you can easily lift, then there is also a laundry basket with wheels that you see in the picture below, will take better pictures in the future. Inserting a video below where you see the range of laundry baskets from IKEA, at the end you also see the TOLKNING series.

TOLKNING Hanging baskets

The TOLKNING series also consists of 2 hanging baskets that you can easily use, a practical storage solution in the vast majority of rooms, hallways, bedrooms, children's rooms, kitchens, living rooms, yes, only your imagination sets the limits as to where you can hang these baskets.

Pictures and videos are produced by Mauritz Interior & Design at IKEA in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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