Creating a Cozy and Welcoming Kitchen with IKEA's Torhamn in Natural Ash


The IKEA TORHAMN kitchen series is a beautiful and inspiring option for anyone looking to update their kitchen space. With its natural ash wood finish and clean, modern lines, the TORHAMN series is both stylish and practical.

Here you will find all the IKEA kitchens we have filmed.

One of the standout features of the TORHAMN series is its natural wood finish. The ash wood has a beautiful grain pattern and warm, inviting color that will add a touch of natural beauty to any kitchen. The wood is also durable and easy to care for, making it a practical choice for a busy kitchen.

IKEA TORHAMN natural ash kitchen with PINNARP countertop in ash veneer. Kitchen doors and cabinets are equipped with BORGHAMN handles. MATMÄSSIG gas induktion top. MATTRADITION oven. HAVSEN sink and GAMLESJÖN kitchen faucet.

Another great feature of the TORHAMN series is its modern, clean lines. The cabinets and drawers have a simple, streamlined design that will complement any decor style, from minimalist to rustic. The hardware is also sleek and understated, adding to the overall simplicity of the design.

One of the best things about the TORHAMN series is its versatility. Whether you are looking to update a small kitchen or a large one, the TORHAMN series can be customized to fit your space and your needs. The cabinets and drawers come in a variety of sizes, so you can create a layout that works for your specific cooking and storage needs. Here you will find Torhamn's kitchen with kitchen drawers and its organization, kitchen cabinets with glass door. A picture also shows child safety "UNDVIKA" for kitchen cabinets and drawers. Click on the pictures and zoom in for best results.

This Torhamn IKEA kitchen is filmed by Mauritz Interior & design at IKEA Warsaw, Poland.

How do I install Metod IKEA kitchen?

Is it hard to install IKEA kitchen cabinets? Can I install it myself? Frequently asked questions among those who are interested in buying an IKEA kitchen. IKEA has made Youtube videos of how to install your Metod kitchen, step by step. Click on each link to go directly to the Youtube video.

  1. Part 1 - Prepare the room

  2. Part 2 - Assemble cabinets

  3. Part 3 - Install cabinets

  4. Part 4 - Doors and drawers

  5. Part 5 - Appliances and sink

  6. Part 6 - Lighting

  7. Part 7 - The final touches

IKEA Planning tools

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