12 Tables Setting from IKEA


When you walk around an IKEA department store, you see how much time, work and planning there is behind everything. The kitchen should fit with the kitchen table on display, the bedrooms should harmonize with their goods, the right PAX wardrobe in the right environment, etc  

It is easy to miss the small details when you only focus on the whole of the room. I try to get better at filming more "little things" than the kitchen itself, for example. Open kitchen cabinets to see how they have organized plates, pots and other kitchen utensils. Here we will look at 12 table setting ideas from IKEA.

I have filmed at different times and different department stores during the year, so some have Christmas table decorations. Some a little more festive table decorations, but the most common are so-called everyday table settings. You will find tables that are decorated in dark colors and light colors, black plates, white plates. gold-colored cutlery and more. I hope you are inspired by the pictures and video on PInterest.

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"A versatile medium gray softened with attractive blue-green undertones." Benjamin Moore has a great feature on his website where you can see how color is perceived in the morning, afternoon, ambient and night.