4 Blue kitchens in different styles


Blue kitchens are popular on my Pinterest account, so I collect 4 blue kitchens here with slightly different styles. Rustic kitchen, modern kitchen, kitchen with high gloss cabinets in blue, all to inspire you. I post videos of all kitchens as well as some extra pictures so you get a good picture of what the kitchen looks like in real life.

High-gloss blue kitchen

We start with this high-gloss kitchen in blue that really stands out, hate it or love it, there's probably no middle ground here. Pictures and videos of this Vertico kitchen are produced by us at Mömax, Burgas, Bulgaria.

Blue kitchen in rustic style

Blue kitchen in rustic style is what we are looking at here, the kitchen is called Toscana and it is sold at Mömax like the kitchen above. The contrasts cannot be greater than the high-gloss kitchen above, but I think the same applies here, love it or hate it. If you want to see more pictures of this kitchen, I have a link here.

Basic blue kitchen

I filmed this blue kitchen in Sofia, Bulgaria, their watchword was "The kitchen should be comfortable, but also beautiful - this is the message from designers of ready-made kitchen configurations. From vintage to modern styles, including luxury models, the palette of kitchen configurations will offer you the right model for your kitchen." I have nothing to add other than that the kitchen seems to be popular on Pinterest when I posted.

Blue kitchen in Nordic design

This kitchen is produced in the Nordics, the kitchen is sold by Sigdal in Norway. A beautiful and modern kitchen with simple shapes which brings to mind the popular Scandinavian design.

"GLITTRAN traditional tap helps lower water- and energy-use - so you can lower your bills too." With today's high energy prices, energy-efficient kitchen faucets are perfect.

IKEA has a large selection of vanities, they come in different sizes and colors and styles, so you should find your favourite.