Askersund and Bodarp IKEA Kitchen


Askersund Dark brown ash effect and Bodarp matte gray green kitchen cabinets from IKEA. Säljan countertop. Görlig oven and Välbildad induction hob. Huttra fridge. 

Here you will find all the IKEA kitchens we have filmed.

Here we look at a nice combination of slightly darker colors. Askersund's dark brown and Bodarp dark green, these two colors I think harmonize well, have not seen this set of kitchen drawers and kitchen cabinets before.

I like the cabinets above the sink, no danger you put up some wet glasses and plates, save a lot of space by not having to dry the dishes on the countertop.

We have opened each kitchen cabinet and kitchen drawers so that you get a good idea of how IKEA has organized it. It is the imagination that sets the limits on how you want to organize, but IKEA is good at showing how you can have it at home.

This Askersund and Bodarp kitchen from IKEA was filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design at IKEA, Sofia, Bulgaria.

"A versatile medium gray softened with attractive blue-green undertones." Benjamin Moore has a great feature on his website where you can see how color is perceived in the morning, afternoon, ambient and night.