Bedroom walls painted in green color


The color green is a great choice for walls because it has a calming and soothing effect, especially dark green captures these qualities very well. Sherwin-Williams, who are experts in colors for the home, recommend Evergreen fog SW 9130 and Saga green light SW 2851, among others. 

Here I will post different bedrooms painted in green that I have filmed at different furniture stores. If I have the color code, I write it down under the picture, some bedrooms are from IKEA and they usually have a color code available. An interesting observation is that many bedrooms at IKEA are painted green in different color strengths, from light green to dark green. IKEA are experts in home decor and how people want it in general, so green bedroom walls are probably common because they paint so many bedrooms in the department stores this color to inspire you to buy new furniture.

IKEA bedroom painten in green

Here we post some IKEA bedrooms painted in green, as you can see it goes from very light green colors to dark green.

IKEA Children's bedroom painted in green

Here we post some IKEA children's bedrooms painted in green, as you can see, the colors are more "strong, brighter, cheerful" in children's rooms than in adult bedrooms. This is probably due to the fact that the children also play a lot in the bedroom and use it everyday, while adults only use the bedroom to sleep in.

This children's bedroom / playroom has three different green colors painted on the wall, easy to see how you can vary within the same color family. The darkest color at the bottom is called Organic Green from Jotun, NCS color code is 6711-G52Y. The color in the middle is called Green Tea from Jotun with NCS color code 3916-G73Y and the top color is called Krydderurt from Jotun with NCS color code 2010-G80Y.

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