JÄTTEBO sofa from IKEA


"No matter if you live small or big - with JÄTTEBO sofa series, it's easy to find the perfect fit. The modular design lets you create endless combinations, and can be effortlessly rearranged depending on need. And beneath the deep, comfy modules, handy storage will help keep your space tidy and calm."

The picture above shows the JÄTTEBO sofa in the colors Samsala dark yellow-green, Samsala gray beige and Tonerud grey. You can remove these sofa covers and wash them in the machine, read on IKEA's website. If you want to renew the sofa, it will be cheaper to just change the sofa cover, smart, simple and environmentally friendly.

Reflections on the JÄTTEBO sofa

When I posted pictures of the new sofa JÄTTEBO from IKEA in social media, I got a huge response. People thought it was nice and such, but almost everyone reacted to, "such a low back, that doesn't work, looks uncomfortable, can't be vacuumed underneath," so it wasn't just positive opinions, but that's how it is with furniture, it doesn't fit all.

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IKEA has a large selection of vanities, they come in different sizes and colors and styles, so you should find your favourite.