10 homes painted in Sherwin Williams Tame Teal SW 6757


Tame Teal SW 6757 from Sherwin-Williams is a light shade of green-cyan. Light Reflectance Value of 73. Hex code is #c1e6df. The main picture was filmed by us at an IKEA department store. Askersund is the name of the kitchen model, you will find all our IKEA kitchens that we have filmed here.

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Below you will find display cabinets, furniture, living room, bedroom, hall and laundry room painted in the color Tame Teal from Sherwin-Williams.

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Similar paints from leading manufacturers that match the color Tame Teal SW 6757 from Sherwin-Williams are;

  1. Benjamin Moore - Soft Mint

"A versatile medium gray softened with attractive blue-green undertones." Benjamin Moore has a great feature on his website where you can see how color is perceived in the morning, afternoon, ambient and night.