Dishwashers from IKEA


Here we will collect all dishwashers from IKEA, Rengöra, Hygienisk, Proffsig, Renodlad, Finputsad, Lagan and Medelstor dishwasher. 

Rengöra Dishwasher

Rengöra is one of IKEA's best-selling dishwashers according to their website. Here I have taken pictures inside the dishwasher so you should get a picture of what it looks like in reality, click on the pictures and zoom in for best results.

Proffsig Dishwasher

"This dishwasher has room for your largest plates, wineglasses and pots so you can unwind after dinner while saving water and energy."

Here you will find Proffsig dishwasher together with an IKEA Bodbyn Off-white kitchen. If you want to see more of this kitchen, follow the link.

Medelstor Dishwasher

"Perfect for small spaces, big on convenience! This dishwasher has several clever functions and 3 racks to maximise the load capacity."

Here you will find a smaller model, Medelstor as IKEA calls it. 45 cm wide, which means that it fits tight spaces for those who do not need to wash so much.

Renodlad Dishwasher

"This dishwasher has 2 levels for dishes, a cutlery basket and many programmes to fit your needs."

Here you will find Renodlad integrated dishwasher from IKEA. If you want to know product details and technical information about Renodlad dishwasher, visit IKEA's website.

Hygienisk Dishwasher

"This quiet dishwasher does the job without disturbing the conversation."

Finputsad Dishwasher

"A quiet, energy-saving dishwasher that's perfect for smaller living spaces and open floor plans."

Finputsad dishwasher is for those who want a slightly smaller machine than normal, this is 45 cm wide. This particular machine is with Stensund kitchen fronts from IKEA. Here you will find all Stensund kitchens that we have filmed.

Lagan 60 cm Dishwasher

Here you will find a larger model, Lagan Integrated dishwasher from IKEA. 60 cm wide, which is the standard size of dishwashers. Lagan is also available in a smaller format, 45 cm as you can see under this machine.

Lagan 45 cm Dishwasher

Here you will find a smaller model, Lagan Integrated dishwasher from IKEA. 45 cm wide, which means that it fits tight spaces for those who do not need to wash so much. Lagan is also available in a wider format, 60 cm.

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