IKEA VOXTORP Dark Gray Kitchen furnished with EKEDALEN table and TOBIAS chairs


"VOXTORP fronts with matt dark grey surface and clean lines create a modern expression that feels warm and calming." NCS code for Voxtorp Dark Gray kitchen is S 7500-N with gloss 5. In terms of color, the S 7500 N color code is similar to Iron Ore from Sherwin-Williams or Lavasten from Flügger.

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This Voxtorp kitchen is equipped with Ekbacken countertop with Lysekil wall panel. Svävande ceiling-mounted fan cover. Anrätta oven. Bejublad Induction hob. Bäve LED ceiling track 5 spots, white. Kungsfors dish drainer. Tämnaren kitchen faucet and Norrsjön sink. Tinad fridge. Diskad dishwasher. Undvika multi latch. Stoense rug. 

Below you will find Voxtorp Dark Gray kitchen, because the light is very important, the kitchen can look completely different in reality, very difficult to get exactly what it looks like, the kitchen must be experienced live. Click on the pictures and zoom in for best results.

This Voxtorp kitchen is filmed by Mauritz Interior & Design at IKEA, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ekedalen dining table and Tobias chairs

This Voxtorp kitchen is furnished with Ekedalen extendable dining table and Tobias chairs with Stamfly chair pad. Nymåne pendant lamp. Hellested rug. 

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How do I install Metod IKEA kitchen?

Is it hard to install IKEA kitchen cabinets? Can I install it myself? Frequently asked questions among those who are interested in buying an IKEA kitchen. IKEA has made Youtube videos of how to install your Metod kitchen, step by step. Click on each link to go directly to the Youtube video.

  1. Part 1 - Prepare the room

  2. Part 2 - Assemble cabinets

  3. Part 3 - Install cabinets

  4. Part 4 - Doors and drawers

  5. Part 5 - Appliances and sink

  6. Part 6 - Lighting

  7. Part 7 - The final touches

IKEA Planning tools

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If you're looking for a sleek and stylish kitchen design, then the VOXTORP dark gray kitchen series from IKEA is definitely worth considering. The VOXTORP series is known for its clean lines and minimalistic design, which is perfect for those who prefer a modern and streamlined look.